One Big Question Healthcare Technology Professionals Should Be Asking Right Now: How Can We Use AI For Better Care Outcomes?

Response by Richard Boyd, CEO and Co-founder, Tanjo

Richard Boyd

One question healthcare technology professionals should be asking right now: How can I use AI and machine learning to create better communicate with patients to create better health outcomes?

Whether it’s a biological virus or a mind virus — the thing that makes it a pandemic or an insurrection crisis situation — is human behavior. The rapidly evolving nature of a crisis, and complex black swan events that are likely to come in the future, requires more than judgment calls by leaders with incomplete information.

We can absolutely train a synthetic model of a human being to predict how that person would behave in a given situation.

With the dramatic rise of telehealth as a result of COVID-19, AI is being used to create a data-driven patient-centered platform that benefits patients and caregivers in their quest for better health. 3DBioMe is a machine-learning and AI data analysis system that brings this interactive 3-D model of the major physiological systems of the body to the fight against COVID and other health issues.

Using AI a healthcare architect can quickly and dramatically explain the environmental and social choice determinants of all health interventions and outcomes showing the effect of those choices over time to a patient in a meaningful and persuasive way.

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