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UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Partners with Coursera on Healthcare Data Analytics Education

Careers that combine specialized skills in health care and data are on the rise. It is estimated that by 2030 healthcare-related jobs could grow by 80 million to 130 million, and equipping these health workers with the latest technology and data skills is critical. To help meet this need, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education has partnered with the online learning education platform, Coursera, to launch a new program, Health Information Literacy for Data Analytics. This three-month, online program is intended for professionals who work in data and technology with no experience in health care learn how to work with healthcare data and apply their existing skills to the healthcare industry.

Instructors for the specialization are Brian Paciotti, a healthcare data scientist, and Doug Berman, director of data acquisition and architecture, both with the Research IT Department at UC Davis Health System.

“Experience in health care is a critical qualification for people I hire,” said Berman. “This specialization allows people with experience in general IT systems to change or advance their careers in healthcare IT. They are able to demonstrate an understanding of the nuances of working in healthcare information systems and appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities healthcare data systems present.”

The Health Information Literacy for Data Analytics Specialization on Coursera complements the existing Healthcare Analytics Certificate Program offered by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. While the certificate program is designed for those with health care and clinical experience to learn the skills of data analytics, the Coursera program is designed for tech and data professionals to learn the terminology and types of data found in health care.

What you’ll learn

The Coursera specialization covers the various types and sources of healthcare data, how to understand and interpret the values of these data, how to assess the quality of data, and how to compare and contrast the common data models used in healthcare systems. Courses in the specialization include:

“The courses in the specialization fill an essential need for data and technology professionals interested in a career in health care,” said Misty Avila, Health Sciences program manager at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. “With the knowledge and experience of the UC Davis healthcare data scientists, we are able to help bridge this gap and prepare professionals for a career in healthcare data.”

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