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How Tableau Software Is Adding Extra Dimensions to Business

Your enterprise is surrounded by a large amount of data and you are worried about the marketplace then you need a different approach towards work. The traditional approach has made the businesses slow, expensive and inflexible. Therefore, business intelligence needs to be governed so that the users can ask and answer the questions on their own with the data.

Tableau is the software used in the development of business intelligence. In 2011, Tableau 6.1 version was launched which supports the automatic touch and gesture in Apple iPad. Plus, the older version was enhanced to memory analytics engine with more questionnaires and performance. When seen with the iPad, the software directly detect and optimize the user’s experience. Features such as sliders, parameters, scrolling, zoom and pan respond on the basis of touch.

How you can change the look of your presentation 

Almost every organization works on the presentation of the storytelling, design, analysis and other relevant things. The main motive of the presentation is to show the data in more appealing, concise and visually aesthetic. The final output of the presentation is to persuade the viewers.

Tableau has the capability to make the presentations powerful and magnificent. For example, most of us directly pull the stats from the source article and is a common tactic. But, do you know the data can be more impactful if presented in Tableau. The story points to show the impacts of the statistics and the source of the data.

Typically, the presentation is made short because there’s a shortage of time to cover all the points written in the presentation. So, another tactic used to make the presentation longer is by creating the additional “appendix” content. This part of the information is always kept in the first slide, instead of the end so that the audience can take an overview of the content which is going to cover in the slides. Then, drag down to the required topic.

Filters and the highlighter features can add into the viz, so you directly add them to cover more. Rather skipping the points you can directly go to the main information and directly slip down to the highlighting and filtering features. Interactivity is one of the beneficial features which covers Tableau’s story point. The simple bar graph or line graph can be made interactive with the help of this feature. By the help of this feature, you can directly slide down to the particular date and even on the exact time. Also, to customize the data you can add the call outs at specific data points. These were some ways which can enhance your presentation in offices, schools etc.

Tableau is the quickest tool used for business intelligence and data visualization. Users who want to learn more about tableau can enroll in Tableau training for more detailed and in-depth knowledge. Even people who are non-analyst and doesn’t understand data can also take the benefit of the training. Also, they will be able to present the data in the more appealing way and will be able to visualize the data properly.

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