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Hello, ICD-10: A Moment of Silence

It’s here. The day has arrived. The biggest thing to happen to the administration of healthcare in decades is upon us: Today is ICD-10 conversion day.

It’s been a long and winding road. But we’re here. The trip has certainly not been easy and there have been multiple detours. But, the destination has arrived. “Momma, are we there yet?”


Take a breath. Stretch your legs and try to find some joy in the tumultuous trip. You’ve earned it. It’s been a long ride.

But the trip is not over yet. Like all road trips, there’s the way back. And that, too, is a long road ahead. There’s still much to see and do, and much to prepare. Much to look forward to on the road ahead.

For a minute, though, on perhaps the most important day, why not take a moment to reflect on the journey and congratulate yourself on a job done well, which you’ve done with integrity and professionalism, in which you have been filled with excitement and glib, where you’ve experienced pain, pressure and perhaps even a little joy as you pushed yourself to the max.

Many of us never thought this day would come. Some of you hoped it never would.

Now, thankfully, we can move on to a new goal, a new destination.

The time has finally come.

It’s been a long road to “here.”

A moment of silence is deserved, if not required.