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Did You Know Your Smartphone Could Save Your Life?

We all love our smartphones for the convenience they bring to our lives and how they keep us better connected to friends and family  – as well as giving us access to the content and music we love.

But did you know that there are a number of ways that your smartphone can save your life? And these are ways that go beyond the most obvious: using it to call the emergency services or message for help.

With new tech like VoIP connections now being increasingly deployed as phone systems for healthcare companies, the link between communications technologies and better treatment- including life-saving interventions – is becoming clear. Below are the ways that your smartphone could be your best friend in an emergency.

Early Detection of Stroke and Heart Attack

There are now smartphones on the market that feature an inbuilt ECG monitor. Users simply rest their fingers on their device, and an inbuilt algorithm will monitor users’ vital stats and let them know whether they’re at risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Ultrasound information and electrical signals are analyzed, meaning that the device can detect the likelihood of a user developing these conditions even before they’ve experienced any symptoms.

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