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Science 37 Launches Integrated Electronic Health Records

Image result for science 37 logoScience 37, the industry leader in decentralized clinical trials, today launched an electronic health record (EHR) integration feature for more than 10,000 health facilities and 280 million U.S. patients.

With this connection, patients using Science 37’s best-in-class technology platform can easily authorize and share their health record in real time to more effortlessly participate in decentralized clinical trials.

“With decentralized or virtual trials, a critical hurdle for patient participation is securely linking their electronic health record to the study site,” says Chris Ceppi, chief product officer at Science 37.

“Traditionally, when a patient authorizes the retrieval of a medical record, it involves sharing paper documentation, multiple emails, and sometimes using physical drives to transport data. By integrating electronic health records directly into the Science 37 technology platform, we’re delivering a seamless experience, enabling patients to instantly authorize retrieval of their personal health information with study teams. The EHR data, collected automatically via secure and standardized APIs, makes it easier, more timely, and improves confidence in data integrity, privacy, and security.”

Science 37 leads the way in conducting decentralized clinical research, underpinned by its premier technology platform, which was designed to optimize the patient experience and high-quality data collection. The technology platform ensures site teams can orchestrate a decentralized study on a single global platform including patient engagement, eSource data capture, full electronic clinical outcomes assessment (eCOA) capabilities and roles-based access for telemedicine.

Built hand-in-hand with investigators, study coordinators, mobile healthcare providers, sponsors, and patients, the Science 37 technology platform ensures the highest level of usability, reliability, and configurability.

“As we see more of the industry adapt to decentralized or virtual research, we consistently invest in strengthening our technology platform and making sure we continue to lead the way,” said Ceppi. “By adding features such as integrated EHR retrieval, we help to deliver on our promise to accelerate clinical research by putting the patient first.”