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How AI Translates Complex Clinical Notes to Patient-Friendly Language

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Nate MacLeitch

By Nate MacLeitch, CEO, QuickBlox.

As healthcare advances, so does the complexity of conditions and treatments. But as the global population lives longer, doctors’ time to translate increasingly complex clinical notes diminishes. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, hospitals are looking at a labor shortage of up to 104,900 physicians by 2030.

Doctors need help documenting each patient as well as taking the time to follow up and monitor the treatment plan’s progress. Patients not sticking to treatment plans means several more check-ups, and the severity of illnesses can multiply in that time.

It’s not just about following the doctor’s orders — the sources of information and patient comprehension of the treatment plan itself all play a role in whether patients adhere to the healthcare provider’s recommendations. This is where generative AI can relieve some of the pressure. Its advanced algorithms bring years of clinical data to the fore in seconds. With sentiment analysis tools built-in, it takes this complex information and summarizes it for patients in a conversational tone so they can understand their treatments comfortably.

Let’s look at generative AI in healthcare and how the latest chatbots can help patients feel confident in understanding and completing their treatment plans.

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