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Qolty: External Hospital Hub for Patient Data

In today’s world of smart devices and advanced monitoring software, the field of healthcare is one of the main beneficiaries. Monitoring a patient’s activity and state as accurately as possible could be considered one of the pinnacles of modern healthcare, and there is plenty of technology on the rise to help us get there.

One such contributor is Qolty, a Los Angeles startup emerged from the functional web of the Conduct Science network. Conduct Science works to pool together the best providers of healthcare equipment and give them a platform to distribute their equipment to doctors worldwide.

Qolty has been one of the main partners of Conduct Science since 2016, and it is not hard to see why. Offering technological solutions ranging from digital e-consent to the ability to let your healthcare provider know instantly if you check into an emergency room or similar.



Instead of relying on paper surveys which could get accidentally destroyed or misplaced, Qolty sends surveys and questions to patients over a HIPAA compliant platform. This means that it is tailored to the required levels of patient data protection.

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