Tag: Outlook of the US Mental Health Market

America’s Mental Health Crisis Simply Requires Better Mental Care

It’s no secret that America’s mental health is in crisis, with more than 7.5% of adult Americans reporting at least one depressive episode per year, according to Time Magazine. The mental health challenges for young adults are even more disparaging, with 17% of those aged 18-25 struggling with a mental health-related issue.

Yet the initiatives and measures put in place to curb America’s mental health crisis are in shambles. The same folks who have been protesting against progressive programs like Critical Race Theory have now switched their attention to mental health, as per an NBC News report, some wondering why certain professional school counselors are paid $90k.

Most experts note that the COVID-19 pandemic is partly responsible for the restricted access to psychotherapy personnel and therefore a big player in the ongoing mental health crisis. It’s imperative that we need a better medical care system to match.

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