AdhereHealth Join Forces with Health Connect America to Support Medication Adherence For Managing Mental and Behavioral Health Conditions

Jason Rose, CEO, AdhereHealth

AdhereHealth, a healthcare technology medication company in adherence insights and health outcomes, today announced a new partnership with Health Connect America (HCA), a multi-state mental and behavioral health services manager.

The new collaboration provides HCA’s pediatric and adult clients with immediate access to AdhereRX digital pharmacy services, including personalized compliance packaging and medication delivery services designed specifically for underserved, higher-risk patients.

“Our collaboration with AdhereHealth’s digital pharmacy will have a significant impact on the lives of our clients,” said Jennifer Perry, director of integrated care and health link services at Health Connect America. “Medication adherence is a real challenge for vulnerable individuals with mental illness and behavioral health issues, such as ADHD or developmental disabilities. We want to do more to help meet the complex needs of these higher-risk individuals to improve outcomes. Compliance packaging is a proven strategy with results that average 96 percent adherence.”

Research shows more than half of patients do not take their medications as advised. However, easy-to-use compliance packs, such as blister packs and dosage strips, can raise correct self-dosing and adherence rates to upwards of 96%, reducing the risk of nonadherence and avoidable hospitalizations.

“Health Connect America is a forward-looking organization that understands it takes the right tools and a personalized approach to meet the needs of higher risk, underserved populations,” said Jason Z. Rose, CEO of AdhereHealth. “Our AdhereRx digital pharmacy supports overcoming barriers of care and social determinants of health to keep these patients safe at home.”

Compliance packaging offers streamlined management of complicated medication routines. Paired with synchronized medication refills and pharmacist-led initiatives to enhance access, compliance packaging is crucial for any efficient, highly effective care management program.

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