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The Many Types of Dental Professionals and What They Do

Dentist, Operation, Teeth, Lamp, ClinicThere comes a time in all of our lives where we need to get our teeth checked and cleaned. As much as we dread a visit to the dentist, a visit to their office is much like death and taxes in that it’s inevitable. But then, there’s a lot more to the world of dentistry than just dentists.

In fact, many different professionals deal with the responsibility of taking care of our pearly whites, you can check dental recruitment with all with their own specialties and reasons for existing. You might even have seen signs for one or two of them while driving around.

Ever curious what those other dentists are up to? Here’s the scoop:


This type of dental professional deals with everything related to the straightening of teeth. In practice, this is most often the installation and maintenance of braces, but jaw alignment and other miscellaneous fine-tuning of the structures in the mouth for a straighter overall look are well within the job description of a Calgary orthodontist.


Not everyone has the luxury of reaching the end of their lifespan with all of their teeth. When a tooth needs to be artificially replaced, it’s a prosthodontist you’ll be relying on. They focus on all dental prosthetics such as veneers and implants. All of these are made under the watchful eye of a prosthodontist as they work with a dental lab. Hence, they are commonly involved in cosmetic dentistry and most patients would visit a Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist to undergo cosmetic dental procedures.

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