5 Exciting Dental Tech Trends In 2019

X-Ray Of The Jaw, Jaw, Dentistry, Medicine, Bless YouThe dental industry experiences new and exciting tech developments every year, and 2019 is seemingly no exception. The innovations are not only modernizing practices, but they are leading to improved oral care and smaller appointment times, which can each support the patient experience.

If you are a dental practitioner or want to learn more about the industry, here are five exciting dental tech trends in 2019 to watch out for.

Laser Dentistry

One trend to watch is laser dentistry, which is helping dentists to provide more advanced care. For example, many oral health professionals are using it to:

It is expected to become a popular choice for dentists, as it could potentially shorten healing time, eliminate the need for anesthesia and can sterilize the gums to reduce the likelihood of an infection.

Digital Automation Technology

More dental practices are turning to digital automation technology software to streamline and organize internal processes.

For example, you could use the technology to:

Dental practice automation also helps ensure consistent office practices for patient record keeping, insurance billing practices and HIPAA record handling compliance. These compliance areas can be a source for dental board investigations.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) could one day transform the dental industry. For example, it has led to the invention of robo-dentists that are capable of performing minimally invasive dental procedures, such as teeth cleaning, filling cavities, extracting teeth and applying caps.

While robo-dentists have yet to be introduced in practices across the world, the AI technology has enjoyed great success in China recently. It might not be a surprise for them to become commonplace in dental practices up and down the country in the near future.

AI could also, one day, change how dentists identify and diagnose various dental issues. For example, they could use the technology to train computers to read scans and x-rays. It could ultimately reduce time spent on reviewing records, so dental professionals can focus on improving patient care.

Natural Dental Products

While many dentists rely on high-quality dental supplies from Kent Express, such as composites, impression materials, and cleaning and disinfection products, they might soon be recommending natural dental products to their patients for use at home.

For example, they might suggest they use bamboo toothbrushes and charcoal toothpaste at home, which could help them to maintain a healthy, happy mouth. However, it is worthwhile learning more about their benefits of each product before making a recommendation.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality might be best known for gaming, but it is improving various healthcare industries. Many students might soon be able to practice dental techniques using virtual reality, which could help them to master a procedure and boost their confidence before caring for patients. It might, therefore, become an essential learning tool in various dental schools and programs across the country.

Dental technology is evolving, as new innovations are constantly being introduced and techniques are being developed to improve patient care and oral health.

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