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Effective Communication Skills Every Nurse Must Possess

Woman in Blue Scrub Suit Helping Woman Sitting on Bed

Nursing may not be one of the oldest professions out there, but it is undoubtedly one of the most esteemed and well-regarded ones. However, it wasn’t always this way. It has evolved immensely since its conception because of the likes of people such as Florence Nightingale and continues to grow to this day.

Nightingale, the daughter of a wealthy and aristocratic family, defied odds and entered a profession that was seen as lowly and revolutionized it entirely. So, while nursing may have evolved immensely over the years, some core tenants remain the same. Human dignity, altruism, honesty, and empathy are just a few of these core tenants that guide nursing as a profession.

However, one fundamental tenant is good communication. Much of the nurse’s work relies on effective communication, to which there are many layers. Nurses act as mediators between healthcare administration and doctors and the patients, ensuring that all parties are satisfied. If you’re looking to enter this profession, you need to have your communication skills on point. Below, we’ve listed the top communication skills each nurse needs to have.

Verbal communication

Verbal communication is the most well-known form of interaction and often the most stressed upon. Nurses need to be eloquent, clear, and precise when communicating with patients and medical staff members alike. Nurses need to know their audience and how they can communicate effectively and clearly. Ineffective communication can affect health outcomes severely, so it’s essential to keep the tone and words in check at all times. Nurses need to understand their patients and offer them help, even when the clients might be challenging to deal with.

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