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Health IT Startup: NeuronUP

NeuronUPNeuronUP is an online platform for professionals working in neurorehabilitation and cognitive stimulation with patients with cognitive deficits related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, traumatic brain injury, ADHD, normal aging, etc.

Elevator pitch

In the United States alone, there are millions of people living with Alzheimer’s,Parkinson´s, traumatic brain injury, Multiple sclerosis, and ADHD. There is an absolute necessity to help rehabilitate people with these conditions and NeuronUP can help.

 Founders’ story

Iñigo Fernández de Piérola
Iñigo Fernández de Piérola

NeuronUP was born out of the psychology clinic of our boss, CEO and founder, Iñigo Fernández de Piérola. During his work as a psychologist, he realized that a lot of his time was spent making or searching for materials to use with his patients. Much of the content he found online or elsewhere wasn’t very useful, was very expensive or was geared only towards children. Setting out to fix that problem, NeuronUP got its first spark of life.

Marketing/promotion strategy

Being an online platform, NeuronUP puts a lot of energy into SEO to try to capture relevant searches. We get a lot of word of mouth traffic from pleased clients too. Once a month for our Spanish speaking-client base, we host online chats with renowned people working in the neurosciences. NeuronUP Academy is very popular and keeps people coming back to the site. We would like to implement that for our English-speaking clients as well in the future.

Market opportunity

Our target audience are the professionals working in neuropsychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy. With the millions of people in the world with cognitive deficits related to neurodegenerative diseases, brain injuries,mental illnesses, neurodevelopmental disorders and mental disabilities, these professionals need and deserve help to save time and energy putting together their rehabilitation strategies.

Who are your competitors?

Our clients are only professionals who can direct the rehabilitation strategy based on what each individual patient needs. Other similar products like BrainHQ and Cognifit will sell to the end user and we feel like that isn’t the best strategy.

How your company differentiates itself from the competition and what differentiates NeuronUP?

Professionals are able to create a strategy easily for each individual patient by working with NeuronUP.  Activities such as worksheets, serious games, simulators and content generators can be personalized to the patient for maximum efficacy. Content is also classified by the cognitive function being worked, which allows for rehabilitation at the clinic or at home.

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