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Misdiagnosis: How You Can Prove It

When you visit the doctor for medical treatment, you usually assume that the physician is qualified to provide the medication or procedures you need to improve your condition. If you receive an inaccurate diagnosis, you can sue the physician for medical malpractice or negligence. Here is some important information to increase your chances of winning your case.

What Is Medical Misdiagnosis?

If you don’t receive an accurate diagnosis for your injury or illness, you have a valid medical malpractice lawsuit. A misdiagnosis is not necessarily considered medical malpractice, which means every hospital or clinical error can result in a valid lawsuit. Keep in mind that even the most qualified lawyers make mistakes from time to time. In order for a medical misdiagnosis to result in a case you can bring to court, you will have to provide proof of delayed treatment, no treatment, or improper medical treatment. If you don’t know which sickness or condition you have, you won’t receive the correct medications or procedures to improve your health, which can have permanent effects on your body and mind.

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