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Infographic: Bizarre Medical Codes, Industry Outlook

These are some of the most out of the ordinary medical codes you might come across if you worked as a medical coder. If you’re a patient and see these on your bill, you might raise an eyebrow once you find out the meanings. Check out the following graphic for all 15 unusual codes.

V97.33XD – Sucked Into Jet Engine

Y93.D: V91.07XD – Burn Due to Water-Skis on Fire

V95.40 – Injured by Spacecraft Collision

R46.1 – Bizarre Personal Appearance

V96.00 – Unspecified Balloon Accident Injuring Occupant

W61.12XA – Struck by Macaw

V94.810 – Civilian Watercraft and Military Watercraft Involved in Water Transport Accident

W56.11 – Bitten by Sea Lion

Y93.D1 – Accident While Knitting or Crocheting

Y92.253 – Hurt at the Opera

If you are interested in being a medical coder, the average salary is $47,870. The job outlook has a 21 percent increase by 2020. Eighty percent of medical coders have some postsecondary education. Medical coders work in both clinical and non-clinical settings, some of which are hospitals, physician offices, long-term care facilities, dental offices, mental health facilities, government agencies, and insurance companies. Graphi provided by Topmedicalcodingschools.com.

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