Why Consider RLE Surgery To Restore Your Vision

Vision deterioration is among the common implications of aging, though young people may also experience eyesight problems. Thankfully, innovative corrective procedures have made these problems easy to resolve. While LASIK is a popular option, refractive lens exchange is fast emerging as a more appropriate solution. It is a surgical procedure that involves the replacement of the defective lens with an artificial one to correct farsightedness by improving focus. But RLE is relatively lesser known than LASIK, so understanding it better can help you learn more about its benefits. Let us explain why you should consider RLE surgery to restore your vision.

Lasting solution with the better visual quality

Many patients know laser vision correction is an ideal solution for eyesight issues. While it has an impressive success rate, RLE scores better on the vision quality front. Since the RLE procedure replaces the natural eye lens with an intraocular lens, you can expect better outcomes in the long run. Moreover, the lens does change with time, so it is a permanent solution to restore your vision for good. You need not worry about regression of results as with laser surgery.

Minimal recovery time

RLE is a quick procedure, as it takes less than thirty minutes to complete. During the procedure, the doctor uses eye drops to numb the eye. The next step is to create a circular opening with the laser to access, remove, and replace the lens. The recovery period is minimal, and you can expect to resume your daily routine within a day after the procedure. Most patients experience immediate vision improvement after the treatment.

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