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Betterhelp Vs. Calmerry: The Most Commonly Used Online Therapy Platforms

By Kate Skurat, licensed mental health counselor.

Widespread access to the internet over a plethora of devices has made it extremely easy to access online information and services. What’s more, an increasing number of businesses, government, and non-government organizations are adopting online platforms to provide services to clients. Counseling and therapy services are not lagging behind, either.

Online therapy services are becoming more popular each day. It brings a lot of convenience to clients seeking help, in addition to lowering treatment costs. For one, it eliminates the need for professional counselors to rent offices and other supporting facilities. For another, it saves the client time and money that would be spent traveling to obtain services. They can also easily create time for appointments within their tight schedules. This article reviews two top online counseling services.

Calmerry: An In-Depth Review

Calmerry enables you to access professional support and guidance on how to enhance your general well-being. Remember, good health is not merely the absence of an illness but also a comprehensive mental, physical, and social wellness state. This company is among the best online therapy services. So if you are battling an emotional or mental challenge, you can check out some of its services. They can offer help in:

How It Works

Knowing how the platform works is crucial for attaining the best quality service as quickly as possible. The website has a simple and straightforward design. First, you need to create an account using your basic contact information only. It only takes a few minutes to complete this process. Better still, you can use a nickname to stay anonymous and maintain your confidentiality.

Next, fill in the availed questionnaire as accurately as possible. Clearly state all the issues you need the online therapist to assist you in solving. After that, give them up to 24 hours to assign the most suitable expert. Do not forget to check out the most suitable rates as per your budget. Once everything is set, you can exchange contact information with the counselor and arrange for video calling or text sessions.

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