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Harris Healthcare’s Data Integrity Solutions, RightPatient Partnership Closes The Gap On Efficient, Accurate and Secure Patient Identification

Harris Healthcare’s Data Integrity Solution Business Unit – which includes patient data integrity powerhouses Just Associates, Inc., and QuadraMed Corporation – have entered a strategic partnership with RightPatient to integrate biometric patient identification into its existing suite of master patient index (MPI) management solutions.

Doing so provides important protections against front-end contamination of the MPI and EMPI and helps eliminate the patient misidentification and safety issues created by “dirty” patient identification data. This is especially important now as spikes in remote patient registrations due to COVID-19 have led to a sharp increase in duplicate patient records.

“Biometric protections from RightPatient perfectly complement our existing suite of patient data integrity solutions by guarding against creation of new duplicate and overlaid patient records at the point of registration, while we focus on creating and maintaining a pristine MPI/EMPI environment and supporting rapid and accurate patient identification,” said Lora Hefton, executive vice president of the Harris Data Integrity Solution (DIS) Business Unit. “This partnership advances our ability to address key health information issues by reducing the volume of potential duplicate medical records while securing patient information and minimizing the ongoing cost of maintaining quality patient data.”

Mohu Sultana, CEO of RightPatient adds: “We live in a very uncertain time. Increased cybersecurity threats put hospitals at risk of losing millions of dollars due to medical identity theft. The long-term impact of COVID-19 is also a critical factor in properly treating patients as we move forward – hospitals must know who is who to ensure proper treatment plans. Reliable patient identification is more important than ever. Our partnership with Harris demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to protecting the entire community against financial loss while ensuring patient safety.”

RightPatient provides the healthcare industry with the most accurate, scalable, hygienic, and versatile HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based photo biometric patient identification service that also publishes patient photos in health records, wristbands, and other applications to improve patient safety.

With easy implementation and seamless integration into any electronic health record (EHR) system – including the SmartID Platform from QuadraMed – RightPatient solutions reduce denied claims, lower medical errors because of misidentification, and prevent duplicate medical records. They also ensure accurate patient identification at any point along the care continuum while protecting medical records against unauthorized access, ransomware attacks and other data breaches.

From data analysis to cleanups, Just Associates performs the critical tasks necessary for hospitals and health systems to achieve and maintain a highly accurate and quality MPI. Its state-of-the-art suite of identity management solutions and services includes continuous duplicate detection with IDSentry – which features HIM workflow and dashboard tools and identifies more true duplicates than systems relying on basic and intermediate patient matching algorithms – as well as IDManage for ongoing MPI management and IDResolve for customized MPI clean-up services.

QuadraMed brings together the expertise, systems knowledge and technology that enable delivery of tailored, value-added solutions that improve healthcare organizations’ financial outcomes and business processes while supporting delivery of quality patient care. Its flagship SmartID Platform is a HIPAA-compliant EMPI management platform that diagnoses, treats, and cures errors, delivering real-time duplicate and overlay detection and robust enterprise-wide patient search based on a probabilistic algorithm with up to 99% accuracy in matching patient records.

To learn more about integration of RightPatient into the MPI/EMPI patient matching and data integrity management solutions from Harris DIS, visit Just Associates’ virtual booth during the AHIMA21 Virtual Conference, taking place through Sept. 22, 2021.

Just Associates Experts to Showcase Industry-Leading MPI Cleanup, Ongoing Management Solutions at AHIMA19

Patient data integrity experts from Just Associates, Inc., a nationally recognized leader in patient matching and health information data integrity and management, will be at the 2019 Annual AHIMA Convention & Exhibit to provide insights into best practices for Master Patient Index (MPI) clean-up. During the conference, taking place September 15-18, 2019, at McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago, Just Associates (Booth #2012) will also showcase IDManage, which delivers ongoing support to maintain an MPI’s data integrity without draining internal resources.

IDManage leverages both technology and Just Associates’ unique data integrity expertise to rapidly identify, validate, and reconcile duplicate records before they can infiltrate and contaminate downstream and outside systems. IDManage can deliver cost savings as high as 40%. It is the focus of “IDManage: An Innovative Approach to Ongoing Duplicate Record Management,” which takes place on September 17 at 12:15 p.m. (CT) in the McCormick Place – HIM Expert Theater Andersonville. Presented by Rachel Podczervinski, MS, RHIA, Just Associates’ Director of Identity Solutions, and the HIM Assistant Director of a large west coast health system, the presentation examines the benefits the health system has experienced from turning ongoing MPI management over to Just Associates.

“Duplicate records remain an intractable problem throughout the healthcare industry. Recently, Black Book Research projected that the typical MPI has a duplicate rate of 18%, which can cost nearly $1,200 per record in added clinical and administrative expenses,” said Lora Hefton, Just Associates’ COO and Vice President of Operations. “Just Associates offers a new approach that starts with crafting a creative, cost-effective MPI management strategy to quickly resolve numerous possible duplicate records and then delivers solutions to maintain the ongoing integrity of patient data.”

To learn more about Just Associates’ MPI clean-up services and IDManage, visit Booth #2012 at AHIMA and speak with one of the firm’s data integrity experts. While at the booth, play the “Money Tree Trivia” game for a chance to win prizes, including Apple AirPods.