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Exciting and Experimental Cancer Treatment Options for Fighting Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases. It is estimated that more than eight million people die of cancer every year. Scientists believe that there are more than 100 types of cancer and each one of them has different levels of severity and mortality rates.

However, technology has brought great relief to cancer patients across the world. Doctors and scientists have been able to develop various cancer treatment options. Most of these treatment options although still at the experimental stage, have proved to cure different types of cancers.

Below are some of the exciting and experimental cancer treatment options:

  1. Hyperthermia Therapy

Hyperthermia therapy is an experimental treatment option for cancer that employs whole-body administration of heat. The heat is intended to cause coagulation and denaturation of cellular proteins – hence destroying the cells in a tumor.

This treatment option is exciting because it offers very promising results. It basically kills the cancerous tumor from the inside out – shielding other healthy cells from being infected. Hyperthermia therapy is still in the initial stages of experimentation. There are several things that scientists are still testing before fully launching it as a cancer treatment option.

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