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Automation and Digital Tools Help Address Provider Workflow Challenges

Patty Riskind

Responses by Patty Riskind, CEO,  Orbita.

It might be a new year, but healthcare is dealing with old problems:

Too much time spent on administrative tasks. Staff struggling to keep up with high call volumes. Patients waiting too long for care or falling through the cracks altogether. Services delayed or cancelled because patients were not appropriately prepared.

It’s past time for healthcare to adopt workflow automation and patient self-service tools to address these challenges. Other industries embraced these options years ago, documenting better performance and higher satisfaction among staff and consumers.

Where do bottlenecks occur and what solutions are available to improve workflows related to the patient care journey?

Obstacles impede these pathways in two significant ways:

How can these tools support the complex nature of healthcare, as well as ensure the information provided is accurate?

Early generations of chatbots failed healthcare. Rarely did they provide patients the information they needed, resulting in dead ends, inaccurate answers and an unacceptable level of drop-offs.

But today’s virtual assistants and online tools are smarter and more responsive. Developers leverage conversational AI so patients can pose questions in the words and phrases they are comfortable with. Interactive dialogs probe for more details to add context. This means the virtual assistant can zero in on the precise answer the patient is looking for.

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