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4 Ways Geofencing Can Benefit Healthcare

A geofence is a perimeter set virtually, using the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to create operational boundaries. The software will trigger a predetermined response when a device enters the given perimeter or leaves it. 

This technology can be applied across many different industries to improve performance and customer service. If you’re using a top geofencing app, you won’t be limited to one geofenced perimeter at a time. The application will likely use detailed maps that allow precision in geofencing several areas at a time. This means you can use the software to monitor activities over a large extent, even if they’re divided into different operations sections. 

While the uses of geofencing, in general, are widely discussed, its uses in the healthcare sector are seldom covered. This technology could revolutionize the sector.

Here are some of the ways geofencing can benefit the healthcare industry: 

Many establishments, healthcare facilities included, lose between millions to billions of dollars to a system called buddy punching. This system is when a work colleague clocks in on behalf of an absent colleague. Though records show that all staff members were present at work, the establishments still remained understaffed. 

A key difference between the healthcare sector and other industries is that it’s not merely money that stands to be lost due to this practice. If left unchecked, both lives and money that’s needed for improvements will continue to be lost.

Geofencing can help put the practice to an end when you tie a device to an employee. It will only clock in when employees enter a geofenced perimeter and clock out when they leave. That way, employees won’t be able to add any work hours to their wage bill that they didn’t spend on work-related activities. 

In the same vein, the technology will help you remunerate your workers more accurately, as you can easily track their work hours. 

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