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Big Data Creates Big Improvements in Healthcare

From financial services, to technology, to telecommunications, retail and more, big data has made a meaningful impact across industries. In healthcare specifically, big data is being used to create a more efficient, effective and personal approach to providing care.

The statistics speak for themselves: As the $2.8 trillion industry continues to evolve, big data could add as much as $300 million per year.

But big data for healthcare is about more than revenue growth.

As the healthcare industry shifts towards a world of value-based and proactive patient care, big data offers health systems the ability to improve patient quality of life, increase preventable care and enhance patient engagement. Furthermore, big data has the ability to provide actionable insights in hospital settings while saving time, and ultimately costs, by allowing healthcare systems to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Learn more in the infographic below on how big data potential creates improvements in healthcare.

Big Data and Healthcare