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UC Berkeley: Electronic Health Records and the Data of Healthcare

The following is a fascinating infographic from UC Berkeley School of Information highlighting, very nicely, the information contained in an EHR; the difference between an EMR and an EHR; top specialties to adopt electronic health records, as well as top (and not top) states to adopt the technology.

The information here clearly speaks for itself. According to Berkeley’s School of Information, “data science holds great promise for patient health, but patient data is only actionable in so far as it is digital. This is where EHRs come in. By 2019, the majority of physicians will have adopted a basic EHR system, and with good reason, too. EHRs may reduce outpatient care costs by 3 percent.

This “Electronic Health Records & the Data of Health Care” infographic from datascience@berkeley explores the health data revolution; if nothing else, I thought it was worth a share.

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