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Transforming Patient Care with Highly Secure, Compliant Mobility and BYOD

Dr. Christopher Ray
Dr. Christopher Ray

Guest post by Dr. Christopher Ray, chief technology officer of Medical Information Records, creator of AnesthesiaOS, a cloud-based EHR solution for anesthesiologists and winner of Dell’s “Advancing Medicine” Healthcare Innovation Challenge.

Mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies are transforming all aspects of healthcare by enabling physicians, nurses and medical staff to improve the delivery of care while enhancing patient outcomes and safety.

The upsides are impressive: Fast, responsive, agile solutions that streamline healthcare workflows and harness big data to deliver smarter care and more personalized medicine. By enabling providers to use preferred devices and mobile cloud software, mobility can help transcend how electronic medical records (EMR) are captured, accessed and viewed.

When it comes to mobility and BYOD in healthcare, however, security and compliance must go hand-in-hand. In creating AnesthesiaOS, a fully mobile anesthesia information management system (AIMS), we focused on providing greater efficiency in practice management while ensuring the highest levels of safety and integrity for protected health information (PHI).

To that end, creating, achieving and maintaining compliance with both patient privacy and healthcare standards was accomplished by leveraging the following set of comprehensive best practices:

Protect, Identify and Confirm All Regulated Data

The biggest challenge healthcare organizations face today is preventing information from ending up in the wrong hands. Since protecting information is an overarching goal, it’s crucial to identify all regulated data that will be generated on, accessed from, stored on or transmitted by a mobile or BYO device.

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