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Dell Think Tank: “At the Crossroads: Technology and Transformation in Healthcare”

Billed as “a dynamic conversation exploring the burning issues in healthcare IT and how they will drive transformation in the year ahead,” Dell’s most recent think tank event titled, “At the Crossroads: Technology and Transformation in Healthcare,” is, if nothing else, an interesting, and pretty decent, conversation about some of the biggest issues currently facing health IT.

Featuring some of the usual health IT thought leader suspects — including John Lynn, Brian Ahier, Shahid Shah and Dr. Wen Dombroski, among others — the roundtable discussion provides a good deal of insight; some of it very high-level and forward-thinking and some of it table stakes.

Patient engagement continues to be a hot topic, as well as healthcare analytics, data and using it to improve quality and outcomes. Nice to finally see conversations focusing on the individual and not just the population; something I’ve long hoped for and tried to push when I worked on the vendor side of things. Like many of the thoughts expressed at the event, however, we may still be a long way off from actually realizing that goal and that’s a shame for all of us.

I must admit, though, that it’s nice to hear a lot of conversation around the fact that EHRs are finally reaching the point that they’re foundational and not the next big thing — that’s become a tired conversation. Foundational technology yes, but like many of the panelists expressed, it’s time we move beyond talking about them as silos and rather how EHRs will help to improve care through the care sphere.

If you have some time, these videos are worth taking a look at. You can view them here, or below.