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“What is the Value of Health IT?”

For its second year of celebrating National Health IT Week, HIMSS is asking a simple question: “What is the value of HIT?”

Seems like a simple question, but there don’t seem to be any simple answers. The fact is there seems to be a different answer depending on who you ask. So, instead of offering my lone — and probably less than expert – opinion I’ve asked a variety of folks who are probably better able to give more insightful and valuable opinions than mine.

Brian Wells
Brian Wells

Brian Wells, associate vice president of healthcare technology and academic computing, Penn Medicine – UPHS “The value of Health IT is centered on the liberation of information. The act of capturing health data in electronic form allows that data to be used for multiple purposes: patient care, quality improvement, cost optimization, research, education, etc. The value increases exponentially if the data is stored and shared using structural and semantic standards.  This enables data from multiple sources to be aggregated while retaining its original meaning (value).  The promise of personalized or precision medicine will only be realized if health IT is used to gather the rich phenotypes of all patients and link that to their genotypes.”

Mark Frisse, M.D., professor of biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University “Health IT enables patients and their clinicians to make more informed decisions by bringing to care settings a comprehensive view of the patient’s health status as well as evidence-based care guidelines to inform consensual decision-making. Health IT promises more efficient and effective care delivery, accurate reporting of care quality, and timely assessments of public health. Health IT can enforce patient privacy preferences and other policy requirements. Properly implemented within a system of care, these technologies enable better communication and may allow clinicians and patients to transform care in positive and sometimes dramatic ways.” Continue Reading

HIT Thought Leader Highlight: Dan Rodrigues, Kareo

HIT Thought Leader Highlight: Dan Rodrigues, Kareo
Dan Rodrigues

Dan Rodriques, CEO of Kareo, discusses entrepreneurism, healthcare IT innovation, Kareo’s move into electronic health records and the EHR hangover.

As an entrepreneur, what is your approach to leading and driving innovation?
I have always been driven, and I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age. Each of the three companies I have started came about for the same reason. I saw a problem and I wanted to fix it. I am a problem solver at heart and that is what drives innovation for me. I launched my first company, Scour, an Internet search engine, when I was 21. At that time, there wasn’t a way to search the web for multimedia content (photos, music, and video) and we developed Scour in response to that need. I had to learn about running a company on the job. I took what I learned with me on my next endeavor, which was a consulting firm. Each client brought a unique challenge with them and we developed technology solutions to the complex problems within their businesses. It was there that I started with a client in the healthcare industry. As I worked with that client, I began to see all the challenges facing healthcare and particularly small medical practices. This was the birth of Kareo.

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