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Breathe Right: Oxygen Therapy Benefits You May Find Useful

Do you frequently run out of breath or feel winded even when you’re not doing physical exercise? Have you noticed that your heart rate has been out of control lately and that you’re coughing and wheezing much more than normal? Maybe you’ve even noticed that your skin tone looks incredibly pale or flushed with red. All of the things listed above are symptoms of low oxygen.

Our body uses oxygen for cell regeneration, to power our nervous system, and of course, to keep us alive and breathing. If your body isn’t getting the amount of oxygen you need, you’ll see serious consequences — and you need to give supplemental oxygen a try.

But is oxygen therapy really worth it? Read on to learn more about the top oxygen therapy benefits.

Better COPD Management 

If you’re among the over 11 million people who have been diagnosed with COPD, then we know that you’re tired of dealing with dizziness, exhaustion, and shortness of breath. You may even be suffering from depression or a decrease in your social life because of your COPD.

One of the biggest oxygen therapy benefits is that it can help you to manage your COPD symptoms. It works by decreasing irregular heartbeats and keeping your pulmonary hypertension much more stable. This way, you can lessen the frequency and intensity of common COPD complications, including heart failure.

A More Intense Workout

Are you looking to take your workout to the next level?

Maybe you’re training for a marathon, trying to get in shape for a big event, or just want to see what you’re capable of. Most types of oxygen therapy can seriously increase both your energy levels and your overall metabolism.

It’s especially popular among distance runners who need to regulate their heartbeat and better control their breathing to help them stay on pace and avoid fatigue. Oxygen helps to promote new cell growth, which can mean faster results and higher overall endurance levels.

Effective and Safe Pain Management

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of oxygen therapy is that it can serve as a form of pain management — especially for those suffering from severe nerve pain and damage.

If you have auto-immune disorders or another long-term health condition that frequently interferes with your life due to the intensity of the pain it causes you, oxygen therapy is certainly for you. This is likely because oxygen gives your body’s conductive fibers — the parts responsible for transmitting vitamins, hormones, and more through your system — a serious boost.

If you have a wound or a bruise from your illness or simply from an injury, oxygen therapy can help with that, as well. Often, these cuts and bruises last longer because your body can’t “afford” to spend its valuable oxygen supply on healing them faster.

But when you supplement the amount of oxygen your body takes in, you’ll notice things clear up much faster.

It Helps You to Focus

If you’re like most people, you likely have trouble focusing throughout the day. This lack of focus can be due to the foods we eat, our overall lifestyles, or even how interested we are in a particular topic. But many people don’t know that concentration levels are also influenced by the amount of oxygen in your body.

If your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen, it’s not able to carry messages between synapses quickly — and new cells can’t generate as quickly as they should. When you give yourself a boost, you’ll be truly ready to study or listen in during that dull meeting.

Additionally, oxygen therapy can also help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. This means that you’ll avoid those mid-day crashes. Perhaps you’ll even be able to stop that over-reliance on caffeine.

You’ll Feel Better All-Around 

Oxygen therapy also helps you to manage a variety of other health conditions and ensures that you feel your best. (We do want to state, however, that oxygen therapy is not a cure for any kind of illness or disease.)

It can help those suffering from migraines and frequent headaches, reduce swelling in the body and help to improve your overall digestion process.

It’s especially helpful for diabetes sufferers or those who are trying to lose weight, as it ensures that your body can process foods in a way that lets you get the highest possible amount of nutrients.

If you’re interested in trying a detox that doesn’t require you to restrict food, oxygen therapy has the same effect without the nasty juices. It can help to balance out yeast levels, eliminate bacteria, and give you a healthy gut.

Check out this site for tips on what to expect out of your first oxygen therapy session, effective types of oxygen supplementation, and more.

Experience These Oxygen Therapy Benefits for Yourself

Now that you’ve learned more about the importance of oxygenation, we bet that you’re ready to try it out for yourself. The oxygen therapy benefits featured in this post are just a small sampling of what restoring proper oxygen levels in your body can do for you.

Especially if you have COPD or another chronic illness, we do suggest that you speak with a medical professional before beginning any kind of new treatment, including oxygen therapy.

Want to learn more about what research says about oxygen therapy? Looking for other new tips and devices that can help you to better manage your COPD?

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