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Health IT Startup: Bioscape Digital

Bioscape DigitalBioscape Digital integrates text, audio and 3D visual imagery into an intuitive touch screen solution, allowing providers to overcome language and education barriers: critical for the better outcomes required in a patient-centric healthcare delivery model.

Elevator pitch

Bioscape offers an interactive healthcare platform via tablet, delivering engaging healthcare to close the gap between patient and provider, while helping increase patient engagement and satisfaction.

Product/Service Description

Bioscape Digital engages consumers with targeted healthcare content and transactions, at the ideal time and location: in the hospital. Bioscape does this by installing a customizable tablet-based platform into health systems.

Bioscape’s tablet-based platform, which is installed into every room and introduced to every patient by the nurse, creates a truly unique opportunity to engage a captive audience. As a result, hospitals experience improved patient engagement, enhanced patient satisfaction and generate incremental revenue and cost savings.

Bioscape’s platform integrates text, audio and visual imagery into an intuitive touch screen solution, allowing doctors to overcome language and education barriers: Critical for improved outcomes, which result in higher reimbursement rates.

Unlike traditional “shout” solutions (i.e. televisions), Bioscape’s touch screen allows for the smart delivery of targeted functionality, generating an entirely new set of valuable transactions and data. Key functionality includes real time feedback, lead generation, insurance calculators, educational content, medication adherence program and targeted marketing.

Bioscape’s solution enhances the quality of care, improves patient compliance, increases patient satisfaction and drives additional revenue opportunities through specific feature based functionality: All critical if the healthcare provider of the future expects to remain competitive and be successful for the long term.

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