Health IT Startup: Bioscape Digital

Bioscape DigitalBioscape Digital integrates text, audio and 3D visual imagery into an intuitive touch screen solution, allowing providers to overcome language and education barriers: critical for the better outcomes required in a patient-centric healthcare delivery model.

Elevator pitch

Bioscape offers an interactive healthcare platform via tablet, delivering engaging healthcare to close the gap between patient and provider, while helping increase patient engagement and satisfaction.

Product/Service Description

Bioscape Digital engages consumers with targeted healthcare content and transactions, at the ideal time and location: in the hospital. Bioscape does this by installing a customizable tablet-based platform into health systems.

Bioscape’s tablet-based platform, which is installed into every room and introduced to every patient by the nurse, creates a truly unique opportunity to engage a captive audience. As a result, hospitals experience improved patient engagement, enhanced patient satisfaction and generate incremental revenue and cost savings.

Bioscape’s platform integrates text, audio and visual imagery into an intuitive touch screen solution, allowing doctors to overcome language and education barriers: Critical for improved outcomes, which result in higher reimbursement rates.

Unlike traditional “shout” solutions (i.e. televisions), Bioscape’s touch screen allows for the smart delivery of targeted functionality, generating an entirely new set of valuable transactions and data. Key functionality includes real time feedback, lead generation, insurance calculators, educational content, medication adherence program and targeted marketing.

Bioscape’s solution enhances the quality of care, improves patient compliance, increases patient satisfaction and drives additional revenue opportunities through specific feature based functionality: All critical if the healthcare provider of the future expects to remain competitive and be successful for the long term.

Founder’s Story

Stuart Bracken
Stuart Bracken

Over the last 10 years, Stuart Bracken played a critical role in six separate startup companies. Bracken’s finance and accounting pedigree combined with his business acumen create an interesting skillset and perspective. His career to date includes co-founding four separate companies in different industries and experience in multiple verticals.

Bracken serves as the co-founder and CEO of Bioscape Digital. In this role he both manages day-to-day operations and guides the overall vision and strategy of Bioscape. Under his guidance, Bioscape has grown from an early stage into a leading healthcare technology company whose client’s list includes some of the largest health systems in the U.S. Bioscape’s January purchase of PictureRx was recently recognized as being one of the 16 largest mobile healthcare acquisitions of 2014 by MobiHealthNews.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Bioscape has partnered with key health IT businesses and with the largest hospital systems in the U.S. to develop significant penetration into major for-profit and not-for-profit health systems. Bioscape does not rely on advertisement to grow its customer base, and exclusively through hospital partnerships, Bioscape is able to deliver the platform to the hospital’s affiliated providers and patients. Furthermore, it has a constant and strong social media and press presence that allows us to drive credibility, build the Bioscape brand, and be engaged in the health IT industry.

Market Opportunity

In the United States, there are more than 878,000 licensed physicians, yielding, in 2008 alone, more than 1.2 billion physician visits. The healthcare industry, which generated $1.83 trillion in revenue in 2009, represents 30 percent of economic activity. Given the aging U.S. population, these numbers will continue to significantly outpace the GDP growth rate. Finally, there are approximately 5,723 hospitals in the U.S., and since hospital systems are Bioscape’s core customers, there is vast room for penetration and growth.

Competitive Advantage and Differentiators

Technology has long been implemented in healthcare settings to drive better outcomes and record massive quantities of data, but Bioscape is at the forefront of a field that utilizes smart technology to drive patient care, comprehension, and engagement at the point of care. Through animation, patients will experience their condition from many visual perspectives, both internal and external. Using plain language and vivid renderings, condition explanations and care instructions are explicit and easy for the patient to understand.

Engaging patients in their care is a challenge for all hospitals. Bioscape’s platform does so in a way that is timely, consistent and effective. Whether it is the ability for patients to provide instant feedback, easy-to-understand discharge instructions, or tools to collect a more accurate medication history, Bioscape pulls patients into the conversation and improves care delivery in the process.

Bioscape’s platform enables the delivery of both relevant content and transactions in an interactive manner in the market by delivering its platform through an optimized tablet-based solution.

Its competitors are: Digital Assent, Barco, GetWellNetwork, Vocera, Sonifi, Telehealth, TVRC, Skylight, Innovatient, and eVideon.

Business Models

Bioscape’s tablet-based platform is licensed by hospitals, which pay one-time setup fees and recurring monthly license fees. Additionally, Bioscape generates third-party revenue streams for lead generation and the purchase of goods or services through the platform.

Current needs

Bioscape Digital is going through an exciting time right now, growing very rapidly and having great success in healthcare systems. It is looking to grow the team in a number of areas, both on the technical side and on the business side. Currently, it is well funded and is not looking to raise capital.

When founded

January 2013 by Stuart Bracken, Grace Ou and Jeff Weese.

Number of full-time employees

8 full-time employees


Atlanta, GA

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