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Maintaining Mental Health During Rehabilitation After Head Injury

Although most individuals who sustain a traumatic brain injury find themselves to be able to return to their normal lives as soon as possible, there are some unfortunate cases that require rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury. Individuals who sustain a brain injury and need long term care must have rehabilitation services that are geared toward maintaining their mental health throughout their recovery process. There is a need for individuals to understand what rehabilitation will entail during this time.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

The first phase of long-term rehabilitation is the phase known as cognitive rehabilitation. This phase addresses issues that can affect the individual’s ability to think critically and problem solve after sustaining an injury. Cognitive rehabilitation involves helping individuals learn how to use their thoughts to deal with the daily demands of life. It is imperative that those who sustain a brain injury be able to manage stress and other negative emotions.

Behavioral Rehabilitation

The second phase of cognitive rehabilitation is known as behavioral rehabilitation. This phase works to improve communication, self-care, and emotional control. When an individual who has suffered a traumatic brain injury learns how to better interact with others, they will be able to increase their ability to function on a daily basis.

Another important aspect of behavioral rehabilitation is physical rehabilitation. Individuals must be able to regain strength and function on a daily basis if they are going to be able to maintain their independence. They will also need to be able to take care of themselves while they are still recovering.

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