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What Innovations Are Currently Shaping Audiology?

It’s staggering to consider the degree to which technology has progressed, even within the past several decades. Hearing aids, for instance, went from clunky, unwieldy boxes clamped to the side of one’s head to sleek, modern hardware equipped with everything from Bluetooth functionality to companion apps.  And hearing aids aren’t the only hearing assistance technology to have grown more advanced.

Cochlear implants, too, have improved significantly and are now advanced enough to be beneficial to individuals with asymmetrical hearing loss. Moreover, because the majority of a cochlear implant’s components are housed externally, they can be upgraded with relative ease. Even people who received an implant many years ago can enjoy their benefits to the fullest.

Unsurprisingly, the evolution of hearing assistance tech has had a significant impact on audiology.  For one, patients no longer need to visit an audiologist to readjust their device regularly. Instead, they can do so through a smartphone app, tweaking and modifying the settings to their own unique auditory needs.

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