5 Best Innovations For Hearing Aids

17 best Men who wear Hearing Aids images on Pinterest ...Can the new wave of smart hearing aids improve your quality of life? From intelligent hearing programs to artificial intelligence, we offer you to get acquainted with the most exciting developments that become the main trends in hearing aid technologies.

You may not be particularly interested in hearing aid technology, but since hearing loss can have a significant impact on later life, these gadgets can have a real potential impact on improving people’s quality of life.

And it seems that the developers understand the potential of the latest technologies for hearing aids.

Now audiologist supplies are developing, and more often, we see a significant shift in hearing aid technology as manufacturers move towards more basic technological features such as daily activity tracking, wireless capabilities, and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve speech intelligibility.

These advances in technology promise to make hearing aids more comfortable, intuitive, and effective.

  1. The new hearing aid technology focuses on better sound quality.

The main reasons for not using hearing aids frequently were that they did not have enough effect on the quality of hearing (41%), and the background noise was too loud (32%).

You may have a logical question “What? Hearing aids don’t help your hearing? ». Of course, they help, but many nuances need to be taken into account when hearing replacement.

The new technology we see aims to improve these common hearing aid problems by focusing on improving sound quality, automatically adjusting your preferences to different scenarios, and minimizing noise, whistling, or distortion in the background.

  1. AI-powered hearing aids with artificial intelligence that adapt to your lifestyle.

There is an application for smartphones based on artificial intelligence, which helps to personalize the operation of the hearing aid. It is paired with hearing aids.

The hearing aid collects and analyzes your hearing aid usage data and the environment in which it is used and then sends you real-time push messages with recommendations for customization.

  1. A hearing aid that is also a fitness tracker.

The hearing aid tracks your health with built-in sensors and artificial intelligence technology that monitors your physical and cognitive health while you use it.

The goal is to enable people to monitor and improve their overall health continuously and treat hearing loss and reduce the associated risks of dementia, anxiety, and social isolation.

  1. Hearing aid without battery

Widex has developed the world’s first battery-free hearing aid, the Widex Evoke, which contains the smallest commercially available “fuel cell”. Which recharges in 20 seconds and provides 24 hours of use, meaning you won’t have to change batteries anymore.

  1. Hearing aids with remote support

The Livio AI and ReSound Linx Quattro hearing aids can request fine-tuning of the hearing aid from a professional.

Phonak Audeo Marvel also has remote support services. For example, its application allows you to keep a hearing diary to record your impressions with your hearing aid and share them directly with the audiologist, which provides more accurate feedback.

Hearing Aid Care Products

If you wear hearing aids, you will need hearing aid supplies and care products. With their help, you will be able to take care of the devices yourself and significantly extend their service life. You can spend a little time ordering hearing aid supplies online, but your device will serve you longer, thanks to this.

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