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Most Innovative Health IT Companies of 2020: Medial EarlySign

Medial EarlySign – MEDinISRAEL 2019

Medial EarlySign’s mission is focused on finding extraordinary clinical insights inside billions of ordinary EHR databases. With more than 10 years of longitudinal data, Medial EarlySign’s data sets cover more than 20 million patient lives and 150 million patient years. They include geographically, ethnically, racially, and economically diverse populations with diverse health statuses.

Medial EarlySign has developed a secure HIPAA-compliant information architecture to protect patient data security. Additionally, internal procedures ensure high quality conduct of clinical studies in compliance with applicable international regulations and legal requirements. It works to safeguard the rights and well-being of participants, including privacy and confidentiality of their information, and the accuracy and completeness of the reported data.

What is the single-most innovative technology you are currently delivering to health systems or medical groups?

Medial EarlySign develops AI-based software solutions that help healthcare systems with the early detection and prevention of high-burden diseases, such as lower GI disorders, diabetes and related complications, COVID-19 and flu complications and more. It is the only company to successfully achieve peer-reviewed and clinically validated insights by leveraging routinely available medical information, such as blood test results and other EHR data, to assist in early prediction, prioritization and intervention for improved patient outcomes.

How is your product or service innovating the work being done in these organization to provide care or make systems run smoother?

EarlySign’s proprietary machine learning-based solutions analyze the dozens of “hidden” factors residing in electronic health records, including routine laboratory tests results, demographics, medications and diagnostic codes, to accurately predict who is at highest risk of having or developing specific life-threatening conditions, creating opportunities for early intervention strategies and more effective prioritization of resources. Medial EarlySign’s AI-based software models are already being used by global healthcare systems to help detect and prevent high-burden diseases.

Using EarlySign solutions, providers have begun leveraging data and delivering personalized, preventative interventions that has helped shift the conversation of the medical community from sick care to health care.

What is the primary need fulfilled by the product or service?

With the move to value-based care, health players need to be more effective and able to reach out to individuals with rising risk trajectories. Medial EarlySign enables this with a practical approach and focused solutions that allow short deployment times and demonstrate clear value, while the use of routinely available data can address large global populations.

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