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Top 5 Technologies Used In Dentistry

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In decades past, when people had tooth decay or suffered from a toothache, dentists would simply pull teeth out. Anesthesia wasn’t as strong, so the process of pulling teeth was painful. Fortunately, the dental industry has changed over the years, providing less painful processes when it pertains to oral health and surgeries.

Furthermore, advanced dental technology has made it easier to take impressions, create dentures and extract teeth. Today, we’re looking at the top five technologies used in dentistry. We’ll discuss what digitized dentures are and the process behind robotic surgeries. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Robotic Surgery

Artificial intelligence (AI) is paving the way for the dental industry. Dental robots are now able to perform tasks such as filling cavities, and cleaning or extracting teeth. This is a major perk for dental practices with high foot traffic, as robots can work much faster than humans. This should also be a welcome change to patients who won’t have to wait as long for appointments.

What’s more, AI works with the utmost precision, so there will be limited mistakes when doing dental work. Fortunately, dental insurance will still cover the charges whether you get your dental work done by a human or robotic practitioner.

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