Staying Safe In Your Wheelchair: Great Advice For Getting Out and About

If you’re a wheelchair user you’ll know that every day presents different challenges that you need to
overcome. From mental health issues to managing your pain and health to other tests such as
discrimination, loneliness and those overly helpful people who think they’re doing the right thing.

You may also have issues with your finances and if you’re still waiting for your social security
disability payment to come through you may find yourself under a lot of fiscal pressure right now.
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Staying safe whilst you’re using your wheelchair can feel a little daunting. With so many hazards to
consider, sometimes just getting out and enjoying the fresh air can seem like hard work. Here we’ll
look at some great advice for getting out and about and how you can stay safe in your wheelchair.

Plan your route

Of course, this doesn’t mean planning every last detail such as what clothes you’re going to wear and what you’re going to do minute by minute. Planning your route means deciding where you want to
go and choosing routes that make it accessible to you.

Searching for wheelchair friendly routes that are flat and have access will certainly make your life
easier. If you want to stop by a cafe, a quick check online will tell you whether or not they can
accommodate you and your chair. It’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast before you set
off – no one likes getting caught in the rain!

Pay attention to your surroundings

No one wants to feel vulnerable whilst they’re out enjoying themselves. The best way to avoid
getting hurt or getting into trouble is by paying attention to your surroundings. Keep an eye on the
path ahead and watch out for debris or cracks in the sidewalk that could make things difficult. Avoid
traveling with your headphones in and instead, listen to what’s going on around you. Also, be aware
of your bag or anything you have on your chair that could be easily accessed by someone else!

Take extra precautions

If you’re a new wheelchair user or you’re someone who feels particularly vulnerable whilst out and
about then don’t be afraid to take some extra precautions. Taking along some pepper spray and
attaching it to your keys means you can stun an attacker and get away quickly. If you don’t have a
pepper spray, consider a personal alarm instead.

And finally, don’t forget your essentials

Even if you’re only planning to be out for a little while, it’s sensible to have some extra items with
you, just in case. You could run into a friend in town and decide to go for a coffee, or you may find
the pavements congested. Always bring your smartphone and a portable charger, spare change and
money — don’t forget things like your medication and ID either.

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