New Video Educates Patients on Tools to Manage their Health Information

The National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) and Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) have released a new video to educate consumers on their rights to access their own health information, and to encourage consumers to take control of their health using smart devices and simple applications to request, view and store their personal health details.

Despite significant efforts from the healthcare industry to improve methods to securely communicate protected patient health data, many consumers remain unaware of their rights and options to view and manage their personal health information. Access to health details can benefit patients in multiple ways, from making it easier to remember health history when filling out forms at a new doctor’s office to helping to care for a family member in need of assistance.

The new NATE/MiHIN video, viewable at, was created as a brief introduction for consumers and healthcare providers.  The video seeks to:

“Using our smart devices with a Blue Button-enabled application enables any of us to receive and share our personal health records using the same secure methods used by doctors today,” said Aaron Seib, NATE CEO. “These Blue Button-enabled applications can help patients make sure their information is accurate, make it easier for you to share your information with all of your doctors, and generally have it available whenever and where ever you need it.”

The tools depicted in the video are available now, but some doctors may not know how to help patients access and share information. The NATE/MiHIN video includes a link to a downloadable letter that patients can share with their doctors to better understand their rights and the options available for sharing health details electronically.  Healthcare providers can also contact NATE for assistance in communicating with their EHR vendors.

“Patients have the right to use their information to manage their health and their family’s health,” said Jeff Livesay, Associate Director of MiHIN. “With the growing number of tools in the marketplace, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to manage their health. Our goal for this video is to start getting the message out that easy-to-use tools are available now and can be used today to give consumers full access to their health information, so they can use it anywhere, anytime they need it.”

For more information on how Blue Button-enabled applications and the NATE Blue Button for Consumers (NBB4C) Trust Bundle can help provide secure access to personal health information, visit and  To learn more about Blue Button and the government-sponsored Blue Button Initiative, visit

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It’s a great video but it is still tough for patients to navigate the myriad websites required to participate in the Blue Button program. To start patients can go to and click on “NATE Blue Button For Consumers (NBB4C)” for a list of appropriate apps. They can then set up your account and request records from their provider.

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