Mach7 Technologies and 3D Medical Complete Merger

Mach7 Technologies and 3D Medical (ASX:3DM) today announced the completion of their merger. The combined company will bring advanced medical image management solutions to customers across five continents. Mach7 Technologies Limited begins trading on the Australian Stock Exchange under the symbol M7T.

Mach7 is a global provider of enterprise image management systems that are used at hundreds of healthcare sites, including many of the world’s leading teaching hospitals, research institutions and integrated healthcare delivery networks such as Penn Medicine (University of Pennsylvania Health System), Raffles Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.

3D Medical, a pioneer in medical 3D printing, leads the personalized health revolution with transformational technologies and solutions that deliver a new level of medical certainty for both health professionals and patients. 3D Medical is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mach7 Technologies.

“Our commitment to customer-driven design remains the core of our culture and the soul of our business philosophy,” commented Albert Liong, managing director and CEO of Mach7. “We are a company born of innovation and growing through extraordinary collaboration to bring advanced enterprise data management and medical solutions to our expanding network of customers, healthcare communities and globally connected healthcare ecosystems.”

“We’ve long admired Mach7’s global success,” commented Jenni Pilcher, Mach7 CFO and CEO Australia operations. “The combined strength of our two organizations will enhance our ability to serve a large healthcare market with ground-breaking medical technology applications for improved patient care.”

The merger provides Mach7 access to international capital markets while preserving corporate self-determination for both entities in both mission and product roadmap. Mach7 and 3D Medical intend to maintain their respective workforces in engineering, customer sales, support, marketing, and service relationships. Mach7 will maintain its Burlington, Vermont headquarters for product development, professional services, sales and marketing, with expanded sales throughout Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe.

Shareholders of 3D Medical and Mach7 Technologies approved the merger on March 31, 2016, including the name change to Mach7 Technologies Limited. Albert Liong was appointed managing director and CEO, Jenni Pilcher becomes the global CFO and CEO of Australia operations and Ken Poutakidis was appointed non-executive chairman.

About Mach7 Technologies
Mach7 Technologies is a global provider of enterprise imaging solutions used by healthcare enterprises to unlock patient data, unleash care intelligence and fundamentally shift the management, sharing and use of medical imaging to power the healthcare enterprise ecosystem. Mach7’s award-winning platform delivers enterprise image management including rapid record identification, integration, synchronization and routing, advanced clinical viewing, and optimized vendor neutral archiving. Mach7 has locations in the U.S., Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Visit Follow us on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Mach7’s wholly-owned subsidiary, 3D Medical provides medical specific 3D printing and is an exclusive distributor of various synergistic technologies including holographic projection. 3D Medical’s innovative products leverage data already captured by conventional imaging modalities and apply it in more meaningful ways to deliver improved economic and patient outcomes. For more information, visit


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