Healthcare Leaders Prefer New Government Mandate: peer60 Study

A primary driver of fiscal and clinical outcomes in healthcare can be best attained with government mandates according to a new study.

The study of 350 healthcare decision-makers, conducted by Smart Data pioneer peer60, found near unanimous agreement that interoperability between electronic health record systems is important. In fact, most agreed that the ability for electronic health record systems to communicate is a primary driver of clinical and fiscal outcomes in healthcare.

“These results clearly show that improved interoperability will vastly improve healthcare outcomes, not just from a clinical perspective but also from a fiscal one,” peer60 CEO Jeremy Bikman said. “The study also points to what may be the best way to move forward to achieve interoperability.”

The research indicates that government involvement is definitely important to the adoption of interoperability standards. In fact, a majority of healthcare leaders (51 percent) picked government as the best venue for change over a private entity (26 percent) or a vendor-led initiative (23 percent).

Smart Data pioneer peer60 used its Reaction platform to collect 350 responses in mid-September from healthcare executives, directors of quality, nurse leadership, and from IT leaders. This data is remarkably current (just two weeks old) and available at no cost to the public. Other findings include the likelihood that interoperability will be used if available (97 percent) and segmentation based upon the EHR vendor respondents used.

“There is a divide on how best to implement interoperability, but a government mandate is clearly the leader, at least at this early point of mass technology adoption in healthcare,” peer60 Sr. Director Tyler Page said. “While some disagreements remain, virtually everyone in health care believes interoperability will be very helpful.”

With Electronic Health Records and patient portals on the rise, healthcare IT must look ahead to the next big step. In the minds of many healthcare leaders, that next step is interoperability.

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