Allscripts Announces 2013 Client Excellence Award Winners

CHICAGO, Aug. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Allscripts announced the winners of its Client Outcomes Excellence Awards this morning as part of the kickoff to the 2013 Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) user conference at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Blessing Hospital and Elmwood Hospital were all recognized for innovative use of technology to manage their shift towards value-based care. Additionally, Kenneth Waters from Eastern Nephrology Associates, PLLC also received the award for Community Stakeholder Excellence for improving client outcomes through improved patient engagement.

In its ongoing effort to support value-based care and enhance its clients’ population health management capabilities, Allscripts recognized hospitals and physician group practices that have adopted Allscripts innovative solutions to enhance their quality metrics and improve patient outcomes as they shift from volume to value-based care.

“Today we are proud to honor our clients whose have collaborated with Allscripts to innovate and move the needle toward value-based care and better population health management,” said Paul M. Black, President and Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts. “We operate in a dynamic space, one that continues to present new challenges daily as we navigate the transition to value-based care. With our clients as partners in the process, Allscripts will continue to focus on our clients’ needs for tools to help them reduce healthcare costs, improve health outcomes and obtain better quality metrics.”

Client Outcomes Excellence Award Winners

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center – Clinical
Bronx-Lebanon was recognized for its management of diabetes and other chronic conditions and for its implementation of a paperless opt-out HIV screening protocol, both of which have helped the Center enhance patient engagement and improve overall quality. By using Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager Electronic Health Record as a guide, not a taskmaster, Bronx-Lebanon’s doctors were able to efficiently access patient information in an easier and timelier manner, helping improve patient outcomes. Patients also felt more empowered and engaged in their own care planning. By implementing these solutions into the planning process, Bronx-Lebanon was able to enhance overall operational efficiency and is better prepared to manage the transition to value-based care.

Blessing Hospital – Financial
Blessing Hospital used various Sunrise tools to decrease denials and increase clean claim rates, among other achievements. The Hospital took a strategic approach to achieve these outcomes and now enjoys a more accurate registration process, reduction in overbooking of resources and the ability to hold patient accounts that meet specific criteria. The Hospital took a strategic approach to achieve these outcomes — by using Allscripts financial management solutions across its revenue cycle. Using these solutions enabled Blessing to implement a more accurate registration process, reduce overbooking of resources and hold patient accounts that meet specific criteria. These changes have helped the Hospital enhance its quality metrics and improve patient outcomes, as part of its value-based care model.

Elmwood Hospital – Connectivity
After going live with Allscripts Professional EHR, Elmwood Health Center (EHC) was able to drastically enhance its care coordination and communications. Within a year, EHC attained the prestigious Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Level 3 status – the most recognized model for transforming primary care practices into medical homes. EHC is now looking to renew and further upgrade its PCMH status – a process that has been smoother because Allscripts Professional improved the Center’s ability to document and report for Diabetes Recognition and PCMH Level 3. EHC was one of the first practices chosen by Western New York’s RHIO HEALTHeLINK to implement an EHR and it is the first and only Allscripts practice in this group. EHC’s innovation and enhanced patient outcomes have also placed the Center at the forefront of the health information exchange movement.

Community Stakeholder Excellence Award

Kenneth Waters, Eastern Nephrology Associates, PLLC
Kenneth Waters helps other clients daily on the Allscripts ClientConnect message boards by providing answers, guidance, submitting enhancement requests, providing suggestions and feedback and linking individuals to helpful discussions and ideas. As a regular participant in the Clinical Forums, Waters provides Allscripts with issues and concerns, constructive criticism, both online and offline that have helped the company not only improve client services, but also improve its line of products and solutions. Since 2010, Waters has led 1,650 online discussions that have engaged Allscripts clients and enhanced the company’s service lines.

About Allscripts
Allscripts (NASDAQ:  MDRX) delivers the insights that healthcare providers require to generate world-class outcomes. The company’s Electronic Health Record, practice management and other clinical, revenue cycle, connectivity and information solutions create a Connected Community of Health™ for physicians, hospitals and post-acute organizations.  To learn more about Allscripts, please visit, Twitter, YouTube and It Takes A Community: The Allscripts Blog.

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