HIMSS15 Trade Show Vendor Highlight: Pingmd

In this series, we are featuring some of the thousands of vendors who will be participating in the HIMSS15 conference and trade show. Through it, we hope to offer readers a closer look at some of the solution providers who will either be in attendance – with a booth showcasing and displaying key products and offerings – or that will have a presence of some kind at the show – key executives in attendance or presenting, for example.

Hopefully this series will give you a bit more useful information about the companies that help make this event, and the industry as a whole, so exciting.

Elevator Pitch

Pingmd, Inc. is a cloud based secure communication platform that provides messaging, voice and video for virtual care. Integration with the EHR and care management protocols for higher population health based patient engagement.

About Statement

Pingmd is a mobile communications healthcare solutions company with an app-based service designed to reset and restore personal relationships in healthcare. The service is transforming the efficiency and productivity of healthcare delivery with structured dialogue between patients and doctors, and doctors and their colleagues. Using a simple and secure app which captures photographs, videos and text-based conversations, the new models of virtual care become seamless in the busy practice.

Founder’s Story

Pingmd was founded by neurosurgeon and current CEO, Dr.Gopal Chopra and his wife, Dr. Manju Chopra. Dr. Manju Chopra, an experienced pediatrician was frustrated that she spent more time on administrative tasks than with her patients. They formed the company to redesign the healthcare experience for the clinician and promote better continuity of care for the patient with a simple and secure point of care communication system. They continue to innovate the way think of care delivery and care coordination.

Market Opportunity

Pingmd is building the conversation pathway of the future for healthcare by removing the clutter and inefficiency of multiple tools, complex logins and irrelevant data. PINGMD will forge the new pathways for new models of care delivery and transactions.

Services offered

The pingmd app is a cloud based secure communication platform providing:

Problems solved

Patient engagement is the wave of the future. Pingmd is redesigning the healthcare experience to promote better continuity of care with higher utility for the patient whilst delivering much needed efficiency to the clinician. Pingmd creates new platforms required for efficient and personalized delivery of quality health care that provide clear communication that encourages engagement and fosters stronger relationships between partners, doctors and colleagues.

Healthcare has been digitized but not enabled. The new world of virtual care via the smartphone enabled by point of care data is the sea of change that is moving us toward patient-centric and timely care delivery. Pingmd is focused on enabling the clinician and their network to benefit their patient.

Value Proposition

As many lead consumer and healthcare technology companies explore the healthcare opportunity, pingmd is leading the transformation of patient engagement and network collaboration to improve the clinician’s ability to improve care outcomes.

Key Messages

Pingmd’s secure communication collaboration platform is enabling patients, doctors and their colleagues to coordinate better care and deliver care virtually where and when it is needed. Hospitals, practices and networks use pingmd to improve capacity to more efficiently manage care delivery and scale their care access. Clinicians rely on pingmd to be compliant with HIPAA security requirements and to replace their pagers, emailing and texting.

Industry Outlook (What’s the most important, trend, topic or challenge the organization faces?) 

Consumerism is the driver of the new healthcare model and pingmd is poised to be the platform of choice for the patient with a highly enabled clinician base.

Selling proposition

Pingmd is the first ever HIPAA-compliant, completely secure app-based service designed to restore relationships between patients and their healthcare providers. It is helping to pave the way towards a new era of patient-centric healthcare with improved access and better overall care for patients by providing case collaboration, continuity of care and a permanent record for digital health recordkeeping.

When founded



7356 & 8368-5

Dr. Gopal Chopra

Key Executives in Attendance

Dr. Gopal Chopra, founder and CEO

Clients served 

Number of Full-time Employees


Booth Bait Swag

Water bottles

Number of Previous HIMSS Conference Appearances

First time

Specific Reason for Attendance

Customer, partner and HIMSS meetings.  Exhibiting pingmd 2, a new platform featuring three capabilities to further strengthen communications between doctors, networks and patients.  Announcing extension of the company’s partnership agreement with Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children’s) for integration of the new ping 2 platform.

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