Helping to Save Lives with the Apple Watch

Those who are familiar with the new Apple smartwatch will know that one of the big focal points for new technology is in healthcare.  The “Health Kit” is already available, but now Apple is releasing its “Research Kit.” The information that is collected via their Apple watch Research Kit will be used by scientists and hospitals around the world to understand better a whole array of health issues, such as diabetes, breast cancer and asthma.

Here, The Smart Phone Company provides some insight into the Apple Watch and its development into the Research Kit.

The Key to Medical Developments

The main thing that scientists are lacking, to help them in the understanding of diseases, is numbers. To be able to see patterns and trends, it is useful to have much data to compare, and this is where the Apple watch Research Kit comes into play. By being able to measure a number of variables from people all over the world, scientists and researches can have the information that they need at their fingertips.

With the new Apple watch Research Kit, researchers will be able to design apps which, using existing Apple technology, allows them to gather data that previously was only available in the lab. It also gives Apple watch users the ability to check up on their own health and see correspondences between activity and diet, and their health.

Research Kit Already In Use

The technology used in the Research Kit is already being used in the investigation into some health conditions, and the information that is being received is proving to be extremely useful to both scientists and individuals alike. Data is being collected on a number of conditions such as:

How To Get Involved

The Research Kit is open source, which means that anyone can get involved in helping to develop the technology and tool set. Researchers can develop their own app, and Apple watch users can simply sign up  to help (and who wouldn’t want to be part of something that can help so many people?) Research Kit also can be used in conjunction with Health Kit, meaning that you can get a really great understanding of your body and health at the glance of a watch, and the information generated may be invaluable in the future treatment of chronic condition and disease.

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