Health IT Startup: instaRounds

Kurian Thott, MD
Kurian Thott, MD

instaRounds provides the most comprehensive mobile and web platform for physicians to communicate with one another, share call schedules, follow their appointments, allow cross coverage and, for the first time ever, give physicians a mobile patient sign-out application.

Elevator pitch

Imagine a platform in which physicians can communicate in a Twitter-like feed with one another about those patients currently under their care. By real-time updates, critical decision making and care planning can occur seamlessly with the patient benefiting the most.

Product/service description

instaRounds is a mobile and web platform that enables physicians to securely communicate with one another in a patients’ care team, by use of a patent-pending format that allows simple-to-use template interfaces that provides seamless patient sign out. Studies have shown that the most critical time in patient care is during the handoff of the patients from one provider to another; instaRounds nearly eliminates errors in sign out.

Providers can use either a web interface or the more popular mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play, to communicate with members of their team.

Founder’s story

instaRounds was founded by Kurian Thott, MD, a gynecologic surgeon who felt the void in patient care when it was almost impossible for members in his own practice to communicate securely and HIPAA compliantly. He figured there had to be a better way and when he found none, he created instaRounds. Built on the idea that for patient care to be better, physicians needed to communicate with one another, and instaRounds gives physicians this power.

Marketing/promotion strategy

instaRounds is primarily marketed to the OB/GYN specialty. As growth continues and more physician members are added, instaRounds will expand its footprint to other specialties.

By providing a mobile app, as well as a web interface, instaRounds has provided a unique ecosystem for providers to engage with one another. By their patent pending template format for patient sign out, and MD-to-MD HIPAA secure texting, ability to keep track of hospital surgical/procedure schedule and ability to allow for cross-coverage, instaRounds is clearly unmatched.

Market opportunity

With more than 70,000 OB/GYNs in the US, the market is strong for a startup like instaRounds to get a foothold. However, the potential market of 700,000 physicians in the US and almost quadruple this number worldwide make the overall market enormous. There are no direct competitors that compare to instaRounds; however, there are several companies that provide HIPAA-compliant communication tools, but usually at very high cost and not practical for small- to medium-sized physician practices. instaRounds has users in Singapore and UK as international users continue to grow.

Business model (how the company makes money or plans to make money)

instaRounds provides a subscription-based model for physicians and enterprise solutions for large group practices or hospitals. With more than 3,500 physicians currently on the system using a free trial version, the plan is to move to a revenue model completely by later this year. Physicians can engage with other members on the instaRounds network for free using MD to MD; however, premium services will cost $24.99 per provider per month.

Current needs

Traction and growth can be good thing, but we are looking for funding for further expansion and recruiting of top tier talent for continued growth. With additional funding we will be expanding our template portfolio to other specialties and build a market-facing team will be paramount for our continued growth and success. Currently, running a lean startup and founder contributions have funded us.

When founded


Number of full-time employees

4 full-time employees not including the founder.


Stafford, VA

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