Four Tech Advances That Bring Good News For The Health Industry

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Despite the world facing the challenges of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters and even conflict resulting in violence, the power of technology means there’s always something to feel positive about.

What is news-worthy when it comes to IT and technology for the healthcare industry? Here are our top four reasons for staying hopeful:

More Virtual Treatments Mean More Healthy People

The beauty of having an IT infrastructure stretching across any country is that more people get access to medical services and consultations. Even before COVID-19 happened, doctors were giving advice and medical feedback to individuals in remote areas or those unable to travel via video calls.

During the pandemic, these telehealth resources were used in greater numbers in order to minimize interaction between patients in waiting rooms and hospitals. Even though the virus took many of us by surprise, certain aspects of our society were already geared for dealing with the challenge.

Staying Clean Is Easy With the Right Equipment

For many people around the world, it’s now surprising to see anyone not wearing a mask, and you probably think twice before you touch any surface. New health standards can make anyone a little paranoid about visiting healthcare facilities.

With many of us more conscious of potentially coming into contact with germs, you may be wary of the instruments in a doctor’s room. Luckily, there’s no basis for this fear since the technology used by brands like Sterifre Medical take cleaning beyond the manual methods you’re used to. With the help of unique hydrogen proxide products, medical devices and the even the air can stay clean in your local doctor’s rooms.

Receiving Mental Health Support When You Need It

The unfortunate truth is that even if a solution to the pandemic arrives, there are many consequences of this worldwide phenomenon that won’t be solved overnight. With people losing loved ones, experiencing lockdown for months on end and even facing financial challenges, mental health is a serious concern, but it’s one that can be tended to thanks to technology.

A ray of hope is the fact that society has become so used to teleconferencing and communicating via smartphone apps. These tools have lost their reputation for seeming ‘clinical’ and ‘unfamiliar’ because many people are using them for work purposes and connecting with their families. This makes technology a much less daunting tool to use for psychiatric support. Now, someone in need doesn’t have to wait for the pandemic to pass before asking for help. It’s readily available, accessible and familiar.

Technology Makes Healthcare Workers Better

IT and technology are also playing vital roles in enhancing the healthcare services that can be provided. EHR (electronic health records) are helping healthcare workers interact regarding a patient’s care and tech such as VR can assist in training those working in healthcare better than ever before.

What’s Your News?

Do you have something to add to the list? The more we know about the solutions, the better the industry at large can start implementing them.

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