Common Technology Used In a Personal Injury Case

person holding white tablet computerA lawyer is always helpful to have on your side after a car accident. They use their experience and skills to fight for your right to adequate compensation.

However, in today’s modern age, they’re also getting a helping hand from technology. Alongside being able to put together a strong case with the many tools they have at their disposal, they’re also able to gather evidence like dashcam footage and medical IT reports to strengthen your position.

Here is some of the most common technology used in personal injury cases that may prove helpful in your own case.

Medical Reports

When a personal injury law firm like Onder Law has to put together a compelling case that proves your injuries were as severe as you say they were, you can rely on your medical reports to provide a full picture of the situation.

While hospitals and medical clinics used to rely on paper reports that could become lost, they now create digital records that outline your entire medical history, including every procedure you’ve had and the costs associated with them. With such an intensive and easily-accessible set of records, your case may be stronger than you thought possible.

Diagnostic Equipment

One of the most challenging parts of any personal injury case is proving that you’re as injured as you say you are, especially if you’ve been spotted on social media or in public looking perfectly fine. Even though your medical history might spell it out for the defendant and their lawyer, diagnostic equipment can drive the point home.

You can make use of scan imagery, x-rays, and other similar technology to identify fractures and other damage that can reflect the seriousness of the situation and the importance of receiving a decent settlement offer.

Dashcam Footage

If you’ve been involved in an accident on the road, tire marks and the angle of damage can paint a telling picture. However, of even more value in a crash to find out exactly what happened is dashcam footage.

For this very reason, U.S. drivers are investing in dash cams at a fast pace, especially since they can disprove any mistruths about an accident and support their own side of the story.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are one of the most valuable inventions of our time, allowing us to keep in touch with loved ones and essentially being a miniature computer accessible at all times. They also prove helpful in a car accident and subsequent personal injury case.

You can use them to record witness information, photos and videos of an accident scene as proof, and contact emergency services to secure the scene and help the wounded. With how much data the average mobile device can collect, it may become one of your most valuable pieces of evidence in a personal injury case.

Some of the best lawyers can create a strong case without the use of technology, but mobile phones, dash cams, medical reports, and even the data you can access from hospital diagnostic equipment may all help ensure you have the best chance of winning your personal injury case.

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