Revolutionizing Healthcare with Mobile Devices

The following infographic outlines the growth of mobile tech, which is revolutionizing healthcare with mobile devices and also the growth of Medicaid enrollees with a few interesting stats, including:

According to CNSI, publisher of the graphic, “as the population ages and smartphones become more ubiquitous, we can expect that the number of people who wish to access and work with their healthcare providers through mobile tech will also rise rapidly.”

CNSI developed the myHealthButton app, which extends the CMS Blue Button initiative for use on iPhones, iPads and Androids. With this technology and more like it, how will this space continue to adapt?

“As the ecosystem of healthcare gets even more interconnected, it not only brings cost efficiencies for the payers but also faster and improved healthcare management by the providers as well as better outcomes to benefit the recipient,” CNSI states.


“The latest mobile technology and health statistics indicate that now is the time to set the ground for widespread use of mobile technology in managing one’s health, and provide individuals with health technology solutions that they are already using in other segments of their lives,” CNSI adds.

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