6 Benefits of EHR Software Integrated with A Medical Billing System

By Rekha Patil, founder, Bit2Sky

Rekha Patil

Medical billing is process of handling and managing claims, processing payments, and generating revenue. It entails various tasks – coding claims correctly, tracing them, following up and much more.

The medical billing task is challenging and demanding too. But, it can be made easy by integrating the billing system with an EHR software.

Let’s have a look at the integrated electronic health records benefits in medical billing process.

  1. Improve efficiency

When the billing process is integrated with an EHR, it becomes a comprehensive platform. You don’t need to input the data manually and repeatedly.

The integrated system also removes the need to fax or photocopy every billing sheet. This not only saves time and boosts productivity, but also minimizes human error during data transfer, saves paper and money.

  1. Enhance comprehensiveness

EHR becomes a comprehensive platform to perform a number of activities. Accessing data from a single place makes your process highly cost-effective and accurate.

  1. Build trustworthy relationships

Integrating your EHR and the billing system brings in transparency in the medical billing process. The EHR software seamlessly integrates with billing system to submit cleaner claims and schedule appointments more easily.

Being transparent helps you to build trustworthy relationships with your patients and also with other stakeholders.

  1. Improve interoperability

An EHR system that’s integrated with the billing system is highly interoperable. This means that it contains information across the full spectrum of providers and caretakers and this information can be securely shared with everyone who needs to know.

One of the biggest electronic health records advantages of having an interoperable system is that it has the ability to interpret actionable information and inform caregivers effectively, thus saving time and money while improving patient experience.

  1. Reduce coding errors

The patient data from an EHR software can be easily transmitted to the billing system, enabling healthcare providers to generate cleaner claims. It also removes the possibility of human error in re-entering charges from billing sheets, as well as entering inaccurate codes, thus enhancing the turnaround time of the task.

  1. Reduce paperwork

With an integrated EHR software system in place, clinicians and healthcare staff are no longer required to devote a lot of their time and effort in filling out forms and processing claims. The reduced amount of workload gives the healthcare staff more time to focus on providing better patient care.


Integrated EHR and medical billing is changing the face of healthcare industry in the US. More and more healthcare professionals have realized the EHR benefits and its use in medical billing system and are embracing the technology to streamline their work processes.

4 comments on “6 Benefits of EHR Software Integrated with A Medical Billing System”

Great article. I would also suggest outsourcing as an improvement. Companies that offer billing services are equipped with efficient resources that could also help in making the quality of services better.

Thanks for the valuable article! I’d like to add some more information. According to the statistics provided by Ponemon Institute, US hospitals lose a total of $8.3 billion annually due to inefficient communications between doctors and patients – EHR with integrated medical billing can partially reduce these losses. Precise data decreases misunderstandings and helps doctors to determine the correct treatment, avoiding unnecessary prescriptions. Moreover, EHR combined with medical billing systems automate several time-consuming, paper-driven and labour-intensive tasks, so that employees perform more work in comparison to medical staff who process data manually.

Hay Rekha! It was impressive if you review the article, Easy to understand, and really helpful, Thank you. Since I also serve in the company that provides medical billing services and healthcare in the United States. So, we can notify customers of the importance of patient care in those problems moreover recognizing these best medical practices.

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