5 Great Web Sources To Find Information About Cybersecurity In Hospitals

Cybersecurity is one of the most important areas today. A competent approach to cybersecurity involves several levels of protection for computers, networks, programs, and data. The organization must establish the right interaction of people, processes, and technologies to deploy effective protection against cyberattacks.

Technology is at the heart of creating computer security tools to protect organizations and individuals from cyberattacks. Objects of three main groups need to be protected: end devices, such as computers, smart devices and routers, networks, and the cloud.

Hospitals, in turn, are one of the most important infrastructures, and therefore it is extremely important to provide them with reliable protection against cyberattacks. That is why we prepared a list of top 5 web sources to find information about cybersecurity in hospitals.

  1. The Hacker News

This internet resource is intended primarily for IT professionals. Here you can find a lot of technical material regarding best practices and tools in the field of information technology and their application in the medical field.

But if you do not fall into the category of IT professionals, it will still be useful for you to read about the modern electronic world, find out the results of interesting studies in the field of computer security and listen to the recommendations provided by industry professionals. In addition, if you are a student of a technical university and study cybersecurity, it will be extremely useful for you to read the information from this site, then to include it in your written assignments or use it in the exam.

By the way, if you are not confident in your abilities and skills to apply the read information, you can turn to the WritingCheap service, where professional writers will help you with any homework, test, or even an exam.

  1. CSO

This is the most authoritative resource in the United States devoted exclusively to information security issues. The site contains a huge array of feature articles, analytics, expert comments, reviews, and tests of antivirus products.

Most of the resource materials require the user to have a level of IT knowledge above the average, but the majority of PC users will also find a lot of useful things here. In addition, the site describes in great detail the process of installing cybersecurity programs and their functioning. Perhaps after studying this web resource, you yourself can create a cybersecurity program.

  1. Dark Reading

This is an extremely useful cybersecurity site in the modern world. Here you can read everything you need to know about hackers: who they are, how they hack computers, and how you can protect yourself from them.

On the site, you will read the stories of hackers and hacking, as well as about hacker attacks on Mac and Android systems. In addition, you will learn absolutely everything about malware that threatens the Android system: what it is, who creates it, and how to protect yourself from it by choosing the best antivirus for Android.

  1. Cybersecurity Insiders

This is a resource where you can find out all the latest insiders about cybersecurity and its trends. It is an information portal that is not inferior in terms of influence to resource No. 1 on our list.

It contains a database of analytical information in the field of information security and is characterized by the quick addition of news on this topic. For several years, this site has accumulated information about cybercriminals posing as technical support representatives.

And now this information is collected in one place so that you can use this resource if you need help in this area. Here you will learn how attackers act, what to do if you have been attacked, and to whom you should report such cases.

  1. The Last Watchdog on Privacy & Security

This resource is slightly different from the previous ones on our list, as it is made in the form of a podcast. Here you can find all the latest news in the field of information security, as well as in an accessible form receive an answer to the most important questions about protection. Advantages of the resource: accessibility of presentation and orientation to a regular PC user, the presence of a whole section “Tips,” which contains useful materials for ordinary users. So, it is a perfect resource for information.

Summing up

The world of cybercrime is constantly changing. The first viruses were mostly nothing more than a joke. However, today, according to experts, the annual damage from computer crimes is about $ 6 trillion. One of the best ways to ensure your safety online is to have up-to-date information about the threats spread by the Internet. Use the resources given above to get all the necessary information about cyber threats and how to counter them.

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