4 Nursing Technologies That Are Transforming Patient Care

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There isn’t a single area of modern life that hasn’t been transformed by technology in the previous decades, and healthcare is no different. Doctors and nurses have always relied on a variety of technology to fulfill their roles, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Below are four types of technology that we expect to play a significant role in the evolution of nursing over the next few years.

Automated IV Pumps

IV pumps automatically deliver both nutrients and medicine directly into the patient’s veins. They are one of the most common and most important pieces of hospital equipment. Without IV pumps, a nurse’s work would truly never be done. The next generation of automated IV pumps will be much more capable than those that have come before and offer a number of advantages for nurses.

Digital Study Aids

Education can quickly get expensive, regardless of the degree that you are studying. But nursing can be particularly expensive, especially at the higher levels, owing to the expensive reading materials and textbooks that are required. Fortunately, there are now ways of bringing those costs down, especially if you are willing to embrace digital learning tools.

Portable Monitors

Checking in on patients throughout the day is a routine part of any nurse’s job. But while it is important that nurses check in personally with their patients now and then, portable monitors enable nurses to continue that work while still monitoring their patients’ progress.

Smart Beds

Smart technology is making its way into just about every industry and every aspect of our everyday lives. Hospitals are no exception to this. In fact, there are numerous smart devices that are now entering into hospitals and making a significant difference in the lives of nurses and patients.

A smart bed is one such device – a bed that is capable of monitoring patients to some degree. A smart bed will not be able to monitor all of the patients’ vitals, but they can definitely handle the simple stuff.

Technology has been transforming the field of nursing for decades now. Ask anyone who has worked in the industry long enough and they will tell you that it is in a constant state of evolution. The technologies outlined above are just some of the more promising developments on the horizon that we expect to play a transformative role in the evolution of patient care going forward.

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