Treating Substance Use Disorder Through Technology

Substance Use Disorder is a disease that affects millions of people. This disease affects the brain and behavior of a person and causes them to consume drugs without any control. These drugs can range between legal and illegal drugs and can lie on different levels of being addictive and dangerous. 

The most important thing to understand about Substance Use Disorder, as well as addiction, is that it is a disease, and a person – once hooked – does not have the control to stop doing drugs or consuming alcohol. However, the disease is manageable, and through proper care and support, an addict can start their journey towards recovery. If you or someone you know is battling substance abuse, you should find out what substance use treatment entails and how to get the help you or your loved one needs.

Of course, technology helps when it comes to understanding the disorder and suggested treatment methods. Technology has made it easier to do research and keep oneself up to date with different studies being carried out, their results, recommended interventions, and even information on treatment centers, wherever you may be in the world. However that is not all technology can be used for when it comes to treating substance use disorder through technology.

Extensive research is being carried out in the world to develop technology based interventions to treat addiction. Technology has made it easier for people in remote areas to seek counseling,  as well as for people with busy schedules or lack of enough resources to reach a mental health professional in person. Moreover, online therapy as well as online meditation is gaining fame, whereas interventions like Therapeutic Education System (TES) will soon make their way to popularity. 

Telemedicine has also been made possible through the introduction of technology in healthcare. This is especially useful for individuals who prefer to go through an alcohol detox at home; having an addiction treatment specialist available in case of emergencies is not only useful but can be life saving.

In addition to this, several apps have been developed to help individuals stay sober and abstain. For example, Addiction–Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (A-CHESS) is a smartphone application built to battle addiction especially through providing emotional and therapeutic support at all times of the day. There are other applications available that help you find support if and when needed, as well as apps for self help and to help manage your disease better, which are especially useful for people who are not yet ready to seek professional help, though it is most important to seek professional help on time.

Lastly, technology has made it easier to find and get in touch with anonymous support groups that help you battle with addiction, like the alcoholics anonymous or the narcotics anonymous.

In short, technology has made it easier to find help. So, make the decision to help yourself or your loved one today, and find the right mode of treatment that helps you or your loved one be free from the shackles of dependency and addiction.

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